Once your healthcare facility is operational, AMPC can assist you in achieving efficient service provision, thus helping to improve patient satisfaction, clinical outcomes and financial performance.

Either as a continuation of our pre-operational support or as an independent assignment, AMPC can provide a range of management services. Based on an initial assessment to identify opportunities for operational, financial and clinical improvement, we can offer you tailor-made services such as the provision of interim senior management staff, oversight of day-to-day hospital operations, the development and implementation of a strategic business plan, setting up an effective maintenance management system, or selection and implementation of a hospital information management system. Through our management consulting services, AMPC can help you to enhance quality, increase efficiency or cut costs.

Whether focussed on a specific department or across the entire organisation, AMPC can help you to improve patient safety and quality of care. Our approach is based on the systematic identification of deficiencies or weaknesses, the development of quality improvement plans to address and overcome them, continuous guidance and support during interventions, and progress monitoring. This can help you pave the way for external accreditation of your facility, for example through COHSASA or JCI. We provide expert advice, but strongly believe in the importance of ownership of the quality improvement process by your management and employees to ensure improvements are sustainable.


Engaging an adequate number of well-trained and experienced staff can be a challenge when opening or running a healthcare facility, especially in regions where human resources for health are scarce. AMPC can help you to ensure your managers and employees have the skills, knowledge, tools and support to carry out their jobs, whether you are introducing a new service or improving existing operations. Depending on the requirements of each particular situation, we work together with experienced professionals and/or reputable educational institutes to organise classroom-based training, skills labs, internships, coaching or on-the-job learning for clinical, administrative, technical or management staff.

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