Are you planning to establish a new health facility, or do you want to upgrade or expand an existing hospital or clinic? AMPC can assist you with a wide range of healthcare consulting services and solutions spanning all stages of a healthcare infrastructure project, from planning and design to implementation and operations.

Our comprehensive service package can cover every aspect of healthcare infrastructure development, from translating your vision into a business case, to quality improvement once the facility is operational. Alternatively, we can offer you support in a particular area or during a specific phase of your project. However you choose to engage us, we offer individualised solutions tailored to your unique requirements, taking into account the local context, resources and strategic vision.


AMPC can support you in translating a high-level idea for a new healthcare facility, or the expansion of an existing facility, into a detailed design and business case.
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AMPC can help you select partners for the construction and equipping of your healthcare facility and act as project manager to ensure successful implementation.
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Once your healthcare facility is operational, AMPC can assist you to achieve efficient service provision by well-trained staff, quality of care, and customer satisfaction.
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