About AMPC

AMPC International Health Consultants is an independent consultancy firm offering a wide range of services in the healthcare sector, supporting the design, construction, equipping and operations of hospitals and other types of healthcare facilities. Our head office is in the Netherlands, with subsidiary firms in Portugal and Nigeria. From there, we provide our services worldwide, focussing on countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle-East, Latin America and the Caribbean. Since the establishment of our business in 1991 we have strived to make a real and lasting difference to the healthcare systems we have worked in. We enable our clients to deliver high-quality and sustainable healthcare services by advising them on the development and implementation of infrastructure projects and the subsequent operations of their healthcare facility.

AMPC is a horizontal organisation boasting a team of experienced and dedicated consultants with backgrounds in healthcare facility planning, architecture, biomedical engineering, medicine, international public health, healthcare management and business administration among others.

This broad spectrum of competences allows us to support you in every step along the way of your healthcare infrastructure project, from inception to delivery. It also guarantees a holistic approach to your project; instead of solely focussing on clinical, technical, operational or financial aspects, we consider all these areas and take into account their interdependencies to ensure we provide the best advice and solutions.

Our experts take pride in their work and go far beyond generating the necessary paperwork and meeting deadlines; they are truly committed to developing and implementing high-quality and appropriate solutions for each individual project. Besides our in-house team, we work extensively with local and international consultants and companies to ensure the right expertise for each assignment. This inherent flexibility within our way of working also enables us to accommodate projects of varying sizes, from a rural maternity clinic to a tertiary flagship teaching hospital; and from a mobile screening unit to a robotic operating theatre.

Executive Management

Sierd Hoekstra, MSc.
Partner / Director

T: +31 (0)29 445 77 88
M: +31 (0)6 24 711 450
E: hoekstra@ampc.nl

Sierd Hoekstra is Partner and Director of AMPC, with 25 years of professional experience in the healthcare sector. Prior to joining AMPC, Sierd worked in several Dutch hospitals where he gained hands-on experience in facilities management, including maintenance management and health, safety and environmental issues, and the planning and management of rehabilitation and expansion projects. Since 2006, he has been putting his knowledge and skills to use in healthcare infrastructure projects in a wide range of English and French-speaking countries in Africa and Asia, initially as senior consultant and later as partner and director of AMPC. His areas of expertise are strategic business planning, healthcare facility design, equipment planning, facilities management, maintenance management and project management.

Arjan van Bergeijk, MSc.

T: +31 (0)29 445 77 88
M: +31 (0)6 48 762 104
E: vanbergeijk@ampc.nl

Arjan van Bergeijk is a Partner at AMPC. He has twenty years of experience working with projects related to technological development and sustainability, the last twelve years within the healthcare sector. Since joining AMPC in 2006, Arjan has worked on a wide range of healthcare infrastructure projects mainly in English, Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries in Sub-Sahara Africa and Latin America. Arjan specialises in healthcare facility design and equipment planning, procurement, construction management and supervision, project transaction structuring and project management.