- College of Medicine and Health Sciences

Though significant progress has been made over the past years to develop the health workforce in Rwanda, the Rwandan Health sector continues to face challenges on the one hand to increase the number of health workers, and on the other hand to increase the availability of medical equipment in health facilities. To that end, the Consortium of AMPC International Health Consultants and JFA Engenharia have been assigned to provide the University of Rwanda and the Ministry of Health of Rwanda with a comprehensive analysis and intervention plan to support the overall objective of this project: to address the shortage of health workers by expanding the College of Medicine and Health Sciences (CMHS) at the University of Rwanda, the only public university in the country, and consequently increasing its current enrolment rates. The aim is to expand the CMHS at University of Rwanda to meet the ambitious goals outlined in the national policy to graduate over the course of ten years, and equip the CMHS with modern auditoriums and classrooms, libraries, students’ welfare facilities, tele-medicine facilities, basic sciences and skills & simulations laboratories, other technology-enabled spaces. This project is a Develop2Build (D2B) project executed by Invest International Public Programmes (IIPP) on behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After finalising the project plan, preparations for the actual procurement phase, under a possible DRIVE-application, will need to be prepared.

Ministry of Health Rwanda & Dutch Government (D2B)
Scope of Services Feasibility studyEnvironmental and Social Impact AssessmentFinancial modellingProcurement