KfW is financing the project "Program of Strengthening the Health System- Reproductive Health and Sexual Rights" in Kara region in northern Togo. Together with our partner GFA consultants, AMPC is responsible for the implementation of this project. The main objective is to increase the use and quality of health services in 10 health facilities in Kara. Three main components are addressed. Firstly, infrastructure, equipment and maintenance, whereby hospital infrastructure is improved by construction or rehabilitation of maternity blocks, rehabilitation of operating theatres, construction of staff houses, improvement of water and electricity functionality and incinerators for hospital waste. All facilities receive a selection of medical equipment, medical instruments and medical furniture. This component is completed by a maintenance program. Then, staff training measures and support to quality approach are developed, and under the third component community-based communication and sensitisation is being addressed. The project commenced in May 2018 and is planned over 4 years.

Ministry of Health of Togo
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