- Equipment procurement

The Ministry of Health of Suriname has embarked on a health care reform programme which includes an investment programme to build, rehabilitate and (re-)equip health infrastructures in Suriname, financed by the Agence Française de Développement (AFD). The investment program financed the acquisition of new equipment for four secondary referral hospitals as well as the construction/renovation and equipment for approximately 35 primary health care centres in the coastal areas and the interior. In 2011, the Ministry of Health requested AMPC to advise on the process of procurement of the medical equipment for the various healthcare facilities. In this role, AMPC developed a comprehensive equipment planning to equip the selected hospitals, including medical equipment needs assessments, technical equipment specifications and budgets. Furthermore, AMPC developed the tender documents and conducted the tender evaluation. Finally, it included maintenance planning and the design of a capacity development programme.

Ministry of Health of Suriname
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