Sri Lanka

In 2006, a Dutch consortium led by the International Centre for Emergency Techniques (ICET) started a project to upgrade Sri Lanka’s emergency care services in hospitals. ICET approached AMPC to explore the feasibility of such a project, addressing 16 hospitals throughout the country and developing a project plan aimed at improving emergency care services at 16 hospitals throughout Sri Lanka. AMPC’s assignment included assessing the health needs, demand and supply in the country, as well as site visits to the selected hospitals. Based on the assessment outcomes, a project was developed for the improvement of diagnostic imaging, operating theatres, sterilisation and ICUs. Besides infrastructural works and equipment, AMPC designed a maintenance and capacity building programme. Project budgets were calculated per hospital and the full proposal included an equipment and financial planning, and a technical assistance and training plan.

Dutch government (PESP)
Scope of Services Feasibility study