- Lakeshore Cancer Center

Lakeshore Cancer Center (LCC) opened its doors in 2014 as the first healthcare facility in Nigeria to be solely dedicated to providing oncology services. LCC currently provides mainly outpatient-based services but aims to establish a more comprehensive cancer centre, including the provision of radiation therapy, in a newly-built facility. AMPC was contracted by LCC for project design and the development of a business plan to attract financing. Based on a market study  that specifically concentrated on cancer and cancer care in Lagos State, the exact scope of services to be provided by the new LCC was defined and a functional planning was elaborated taking into account patient activity projections. The assignment further includes preliminary architectural and engineering designs and a room-to-room equipment planning. Finally, a financial model was elaborated to forecast financial performance and ensure bankability of the project.

Lakeshore Cancer Center
Scope of Services Equipment planningFeasibility studyFinancial modellingHealthcare facility design