- Jeroen Bosch Hospital

The Jeroen Bosch Hospital is a large merger hospital of 1120 beds, established in 2002. The hospital complex provided services at five different locations and developed a plan for a new central hospital building in ‘s Hertogenbosch which would replace three of the existing locations. The construction plan for the new location includes a 770 beds hospital, with a total surface of approx. 120.000 m2. AMPC was requested in 2006, to give an early insight into the scope and contents of the medical and non-medical inventory necessary to operate the new hospital. Thus, AMPC identified the existing inventory and the equipment and furniture to be moved, developed an overview and budgets of equipment and other inventory to be purchased. AMPC created insight into the composition of the inventory by developing a room book that corresponds to a database. Based on the room book, various general planning documents could be generated for the equipping of the facility.

Jeroen Bosch Hospital
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