- Dhulikhel Hospital

Dhulikhel Hospital (DHOS) was founded in 1996 as a private, not for profit community hospital, initially serving as a district hospital for Kavre then gradually expanding its services. As the DHOS became a crucial and guiding institute for health provision in Kavre, the Ministry of Health & Population of Nepal decided to support the Hospital to expand their services and to align them with national priorities and needs. AMPC developed a comprehensive improvement plan for the Kavre district, focused on the DHOS. A detailed overview of the existing health care provision and the referral system was made. The status of the DHOS, the quality and quantity of the available equipment were carefully mapped. Based on the findings of the field survey in the district and extensive discussions with the hospitals management and medical staff the final project content was defined. Furthermore, financial modelling determined the financial feasibility and sustainability of the project.

Dutch government (PESP)
Scope of Services Feasibility study