- Proposal maternal and neonatal care

Philips Healthcare has entered into a number of agreements to provide access to advanced healthcare solutions with the Ministries of Health of several African countries, including Mozambique (MISAU). The agreement includes providing training and continuing education for health professionals to efficiently screen, monitor, treat or refer women, and thereby reduce maternal morbidity and mortality rates. Philips Healthcare commissioned AMPC in 2014 to assist with the development phase of the project. This included monitoring and evaluation of the pilot, and helping to identify partners to realise roll-out of the pilot across Mozambique. In addition, AMPC assisted in the needs assessment, providing a detailed analysis of the current problems, potential solutions and demand for health in Mozambique and in the monitoring and evaluation of the pilot. This included monitoring and evaluating the training of health professionals, the clinical outcomes and the setup of costs for the pilot.

Scope of Services Feasibility studyHealthcare facility design