The Ministry of Health of Mozambique (MISAU) envisaged the establishment of two new level II hospitals in Sofala province to improve the public healthcare referral system and access to care. AMPC, together with PharmAccess, was asked to develop a comprehensive project plan aimed at the design, construction, equipment and operationalization of the Hospital Geral da Beira and the Hospital Distrital de Marromeu. Within the consortium, AMPC was mainly responsible for the technical and financial aspects of the feasibility study, including the functional programme for each hospital, the conceptual architectural and engineering designs, the equipment planning, financial modelling and analysis and the development of a procurement strategy. The full feasibility study allowed MISAU to secure grant financing from the Agence Française de Développement (AFD) and the Dutch Government for project implementation.

Ministry of Health of Mozambique
Scope of Services Equipment planningFeasibility studyHealthcare facility design