- Feasibility study

The Ministry of Health of Mauritania requested AMPC to carry out a feasibility study to explore the possibilities of a public hospital upgrading project, including the improvement of the national blood bank system. The project aimed at reducing maternal and infant mortality in the country through improved maternal and child healthcare services. In addition, it involved the upgrading of services and equipment at tertiary hospitals. Lastly, the feasibility study would be instrumental to apply for international funding for the project’s implementation. AMPC was awarded a grant under the Dutch PESP programme in 2005 to finance the feasibility study. In close cooperation with the MoH, AMPC undertook several site visits to evaluate the situation of 33 hospitals of different care levels, as well as the blood bank. Based on the specific infrastructural and equipment needs of each of the assessed facilities, improvement plans were developed, as well as long-term maintenance and staff training plans. Moreover, the feasibility study included an analysis of the project’s financial feasibility as well as a capacity building programme aimed at improving the skills and knowledge of the facilities’ staff.


Ministry of Health Mauritania & Dutch Government
Scope of Services Feasibility study