The Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene of Mali (MSHP) is aiming to rehabilitate the existing Fousseyni Daou de Kayes Regional Hospital (HRFDK) and construct a new tertiary referral hospital in the city of Kayes. AMPC was hired to conduct a feasibility study for the project that is carried out in partnership with the Dutch Government. The study entails the definition of the functional programme for each hospital, taking into account their respective roles in the healthcare referral system and the needs of the population. The functional programmes will be translated into preliminary designs for the construction of the new hospital and for the rehabilitation of the HRFDK. Also, an equipment planning will be made for each hospital that corresponds to the proposed scope and level of services, and staff capacity building needs will be identified. Finally, the financial and economic feasibility of the project will be determined and AMPC will develop a procurement strategy for the project.

Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene of Mali
Scope of Services Equipment planningFeasibility studyHealthcare facility design