- Heart Institute of the Caribbean

The Heart Institute of the Caribbean (HIC) is the premier center of excellence for cardiovascular care in the English-Speaking Caribbean. HIC Heart Hospital is the only dedicated full-service Specialty Heart Hospital in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean. HIC provides comprehensive and sophisticated diagnosis and management of all forms of heart diseases and has multiple locations and several heart stations situated across Jamaica to improve access to care to all Jamaicans. To improve efficiency and streamline its operations, HIC has made the decision to outsource the operational management of its facilities and has entrusted AMPC with this role. For this assignment, AMPC firstly conducted a baseline assessment to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement within HIC’s current operational structure, systems and processes. AMPC then took over HIC’s operational management while ensuring uninterrupted service delivery. As HIC’s operator, AMPC’s mandate will focus on the development and implementation of a five-year strategic plan aiming to enhance the value of HIC’s facilities.

Heart Institute of the Caribbean
2021 - Ongoing
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