- Cancer centre

In 2009, AMPC successfully applied for a subsidy under the 2Xplore program of the Dutch government to conduct a feasibility study for a comprehensive cancer project in Indonesia. Together with Gadjah Mada University and its academic hospital, Dr. Sardjito Hospital, a proposal was developed to establish a cancer care facility in Yogyakarta. The feasibility study focused on how to ensure that the care provided would be accessible for all Indonesians regardless of their socioeconomic background. The proposed solution was to apply the so-called Robin Hood principle to the hospital's operations, i.e. use the income generated by providing services to the rich, to serve the poor. Based on the study’s outcomes, AMPC developed a business plan to establish the International Cancer Center Yogyakarta in a public-private partnership framework. This business plan included, among others, a market study, organisational plan, HR plan, risk and financial analyses, investment plan and bankable documents.

Dutch government (2XPLORE)
Scope of Services Feasibility study