- New Chrystal Health Services

In 2018, AMPC was employed by Investisseurs et Partenaires (I&P) to develop a project plan for the expansion of New Crystal Health Services (NCHS), a private healthcare group that operates several clinics in the Greater Accra region. Once financing was secured through involvement of the International Finance Cooperation (IFC), AMPC was asked to further develop the proposed renovation and expansion plans of the existing NCHS facilities, including one new clinic. Under this contract, AMPC is providing the detailed designs for architecture, structural engineering, electrical engineering, plumbing, HVAC, ICT and medical gases. Also, a detailed equipment planning is being developed to allow for new services to be put into operations. Moreover, AMPC is responsible for the overall management of the project. Once the construction works start AMPC will provide day-to-day supervision of works to ensure technical contract specifications, building regulations and quality standards are respected, and worksite risks are minimised. Finally, AMPC will also supervise the commissioning of the buildings as well as the equipment.

New Chrystal Health Services
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