- Tamale Teaching Hospital

Tamale Teaching Hospital (TTH) was expanded and rehabilitated with co-financing from the Dutch Government under the ORET-programme. To sustain hospital operations and bring quality of care to a next level, a technical assistance and training programme was implemented by MeduProf-S covering areas such as hospital management and clinical skills. Within the overall programme, AMPC was subcontracted by MeduProf-S to implement a hospital hygiene and waste management capacity building programme. A first step in this assignment was the assessment of the existing situation at TTH regarding hospital hygiene and waste management in terms of policies, protocols, human resource capacity, responsibilities, available equipment and current practices of staff. The outcomes were compared to national and international standards and best practices to identify strengths and weaknesses and provide specific recommendations for improvement. Based on the outcomes of the assessment and together with the main stakeholders, a tailor-made training programme was designed. The programme was based on a Training of Trainers approach to maximize the impact of the programme and to guarantee sustainability of the transfer of knowledge and skills to both current and future TTH staff.

Scope of Services Capacity building