- Capacity building three Alexandria University hospitals

The Alexandria University Faculty of Medicine in Egypt already owned four hospitals and constructed three new hospitals with co-financing from the Dutch government . To ensure successful opening of the hospitals and to bring quality of care to a next level, a technical assistance and training programme was implemented by MeduProf-S. AMPC was subcontracted to design and implement a hospital hygiene and waste management capacity building programme to protect the health and safety of staff, patients and the local population and to minimize the environmental impact of the hospital’s operations. AMPC carried out a participatory baseline assessment of hygiene and environmental policies and practices at the hospitals, and designed a tailor-made training programme based on a train-de-trainers approach. At the end of the programme, fifteen participants of three Alexandria University hospitals had gained knowledge on norms and best practices related to hospital hygiene and waste management, and were trained to implement educational activities for their colleagues, thus ensuring sustainability of the impact.

Scope of Services Capacity building