- Eight public hospitals

In 2008, Dräger Medical Netherlands initiated a project to improve emergency and critical healthcare in eight public hospitals in Quito, Guayaquil and Cuenca by means of equipment supply and related infrastuctural works. Technical assistace was also a fundamental part of project implementation, aimed at enhancing the sustainability of the investment and improving the quality of care at the project hospitals. Dräger subcontracted AMPC for the planning, organization, execution and quality control of a comprehensive training programme. Clinical skills training sessions were oranised for radiologists, radiographers, surgeons, intensivists, and neonatology nurses, among others, as well as maintenance skills training sessions for biomedical engineers and technicians. Moreover, together with the Universidad de San Francisco de Quito, a post-graduate hospital management programme was developed for operational managers from all eight hospitals and the Ministry of Public Health. Finally, as a pilot project, AMPC assisted one of the project hospitals in improving their hygiene and waste management practices

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