- Feasibility study public hospital services

In 2004, the Ministry of Public Health (MODERSA) of Ecuador wanted to develop a project for rehabilitating and upgrading of eight public hospitals. AMPC was requested by the MODERSA and Dräger Medical to draft an application for a PESP-funded study developing a comprehensive plan for upgrading these hospitals. AMPC undertook several site visits throughout the country to carry out in-depth assessments of the situation and determine the specific needs that would improve the overall health system and referral network. The study aimed at selecting the hospitals that could participate in the project, and to determine their specific needs in terms of infrastructural works, medical equipment, maintenance and staff training. Bills of Quantities for (non-)medical equipment were prepared, as well as infrastructural design and equipment planning. Lastly, the financial feasibility of the project as a whole was studied. The completed feasibility study was used to apply for an ORET-grant from the Dutch government to implement the proposed project, which was awarded in 2007.

Ministry of Public Health of Ecuador
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