- Technical review Moroni

The Trade and Development Bank (TDB) has committed a sovereign Term Loan Facility to the Ministry of Finance and Budget (MoFB) of the Union of Comoros to be utilised in financing the construction of a 650-bed hospital and the acquisition of medical equipment in the capital city Moroni. For this purpose, the TDB have engaged AMPC as the Lenders Technical Advisor (LTA) to assess the project’s technical aspects, review and advise on the reasonableness of the project’s risk profile in terms of technical capacity, proposed designs, and construction management, and certify the cost certificates for all loan disbursement requests. AMPC reviewed the project documents, conducted site visits and interviewed the key stakeholders. It prepared a detailed report relating to the construction and equipment budgets, and proposed a modular nature to the project, taking into account the Conditions Precedent of the loan. It assessed the risks associated with the performance and insurance aspects of the project and developed a payment schedule for implementation during disbursement. Construction is currently underway and AMPC will continue to support the project as it progresses.

Trade and Development Bank (TDB)
Scope of Services Due diligence