In 2004, the Dutch government approved a grant under the ORET-programme for a health care strengthening project in the Chinese provinces of Anhui and Hebei. Together with its Chinese counterparts, Philips Medical Systems upgraded four hospitals in the Hebei province and established the new Anhui Cardio Cerebral Vascular Hospital in Hebei. To fulfil the ORET-requirements, an independent evaluation of the outputs and outcomes of the project was required. In 2008, AMPC was requested to carry out this final project evaluation. To do so, AMPC visited all five project locations to inspect the installation and functioning of the medical equipment, to assess the level of implementation and quality of the technical assistance programme (training, maintenance), and to discuss the project and its impacts with all relevant stakeholders. The findings were presented in an evaluation report and included the identification of lessons learned during the planning, implementation and operation phases of the project.

Philips Medical Systems
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