Cabo Verde

- Hospital Privado de Cabo Verde

Dr Emanuel Figueiredo, a Cabo Verdean doctor currently practising in Portugal, is aiming to establish the Hospital Privado de Cabo Verde (HPCV) in the city of Praia on the island of Santiago, Cabo Verde. The HPCV would be the first private hospital of Cabo Verde. AMPC, together with its Portuguese partners JFA Engineering and JD2G, was asked to carry out a feasibility study for the project including a preliminary design. First of all, an in-depth market study was carried out to determine the potential demand for private health care in Cabo Verde. Based on the outcomes, a functional programme was developed for the HPCV determining the scope and size of service provision. Conceptual architectural and engineering designs were also included in the assignment, as well as an equipment planning. The bankable business case that was developed is currently being used to attract financing for project implementation.

Figueiredo & Tavares
Scope of Services Equipment planningFeasibility studyHealthcare facility design