Burkina Faso

- Polyclinique Notre Dame de la Paix

In 2012, the internationally renowned private hospital Polyclinique Notre Dame de la Paix in Ouagadougou, together with TICOMED and GMI/MGS, developed the idea to establish a diagnostic oncology centre in Burkina Faso. AMPC was asked to develop a project plan and a preliminary business plan, and to prepare a subsidy application to the Dutch Private Sector Investment (PSI) programme. Once the subsidy was granted, AMPC provided support in the establishment of a joint venture between the project partners and acted as a liaison between the project partners in the Netherlands, Burkina Faso and Mali and the financiers. Furthermore, AMPC’s project management team made sure the project implementation process was effective and timely. In 2015, the commissioning of the new equipment was finalised including the installation of an MRI scanner, the most important piece of equipment for PNDP to improve their diagnostic services.

Polyclinique Notre Dame de la Paix
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