- Hospital Obrero de Santa Cruz

The development of the 400-bed comprehensive tertiary Hospital Obrero in Santa Cruz, Bolivia started under the Caja Nacional de Salud (National Health Fund (CNS)) in 2011. AMPC was asked by CNS to conduct a feasibility study for the project, financed by the ORIO-programme of the Dutch government. AMPC’s tasks focused on the equipping and organisation of the hospital, including equipment planning, definition of the pre-installation works, maintenance planning and a tailor-made capacity building programme to ensure long-term sustainability of the project. AMPC conducted a baseline study to establish a clear demand for the services to be offered at the new hospital and assessed the already existing building on technical suitability. AMPC’s final project design and report included Bills of Quantities, technical specifications for the equipment, a comprehensive capacity building plan focussing, a hospital management system, a maintenance management programme and a hospital hygiene and waste management plan.

Caja Nacional de Salud
Scope of Services Equipment planningFeasibility study