- Infectious Disease Center

KfW is financing the project “Program of Strengthening the Health System- Reproductive Health and Sexual Rights” in Kara region in northern Togo. Together with our partner GFA consultants, AMPC is responsible for the implementation of this project. The main objective is to increase the use and quality of health services in 10 health facilities in Kara. In parallel and as a response to the COVID 19 pandemic, KfW has mobilized 1.5 million euros to support the government of Togo in the fight against COVID-19 in Kara region. In this context, the former onchocerciasis control base located at the southern entrance to the town of Kara was identified by the Ministry of Health as a site for creating a fully operational center for the management of infectious diseases which will in the short-term house the COVID 19 treatment center for the Northern region. AMPC was contracted by KfW to elaborate the preliminary and detailed designs for the center. This included the development of a Schedule of Accommodation; a Detailed Architectural Design; a Detailed Engineering Design; Bills of Quantities per Department as well all technical tender specifications. Construction works for the center are currently underway.

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