- Biomedical Equipment

UNICEF has been supporting the Ministry of Health (MoH) of Tanzania in the supply and installation of a wide range of biomedical equipment to support primary health care service delivery in public hospitals. While conducting routine programme monitoring visits, it was observed that a substantial number of this equipment is either not operational or not operating at optimum capacity. It was thought this could be a result of inefficiencies in the operational maintenance system. For this reason, in May 2023 AMPC was contracted by UNICEF Tanzania to carry out an assignment to scope and map the existing structures and systems for operational maintenance of biomedical equipment. The assessment covered policies, protocols and SOPs for operational maintenance and took into consideration the human and material resources needed, such as engineers, operational maintenance plans, budgets, and software systems. AMPC conducted field visits to 13 selected sites across mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar and developed an assessment report including a comprehensive list of recommendations for the Ministry of Health, supported by guidance notes and assessment checklists to help strengthen operational maintenance on the ground.

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