- Technical assistance LUTH

In 2019, AMPC was contracted by Healthshare, the operator of the NSIA-LUTH Cancer Treatment Centre (NLCC), to provide technical assistance and capacity building for the commissioning and opening of a radiation therapy unit. NLCC aims to provide a range of comprehensive palliative and curative services in line with those offered by leading international radiotherapy centers, through the acquisition of four radiotherapy machines (1x Halcyon, 2x Vitalbeam and 1x GammaMed brachytherapy) to be installed in two phases. As modern radiotherapy is a complex field that requires highly specialized skills of the physicists involved, a well-structured training program was required. For this assignment, AMPC was therefore tasked with providing technical assistance in relation to the training of medical physicists and other health practitioners in the use of phase 1 radiotherapy equipment; the calibration of radiotherapy equipment; quality assurance; development of treatment protocols; radiation surveys, PTW training and software installation; commissioning of two Linear Accelerators.

Healthshare South Africa
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