- Vientiane Provincial Hospital

Founded in 2000 with funding from Luxembourg, Maria Teresa Hospital (MTH) is the provincial hospital of the Vientiane Province. It is one of the most frequented hospitals in the region and is well-known for its quality health services. During the past two decades, the MTH has contributed significantly to care for patients from all income groups in Vientiane Province and neighbouring areas but to the high rate of utilization and the effects of the tropical climate, some renovation and civil works have become inevitable. In 2018, Lux Dev announced the launch of a programme to support necessary upgrades to the hospital, funded under the Lao-Luxembourg Health Sector Support Programme. Under this programme, AMPC was contracted to assess the existing physical infrastructure and to develop a comprehensive renovation and design framework for the hospital. The assignment consisted of two phases: the first phase encompassed the assessment of the existing infrastructure and the conceptual planning for the renovation and additional design for the facility. The second stage consisted of the development of detailed designs for the project and of the development of the technical section of the tender documents.

Scope of Services Healthcare facility designHospital assessment