- Masterplans Maasai Mara

The aim of the Naserian Foundation’s s development project in Olpalagilagi is to strengthen, enhance and improve the quality of life and the productivity of the community in this region by devising and building out an integrated ecosystem of accessible infrastructure. Phases of this project include provision of water and electricity, the creation of the Naserian Foundation Medical Clinic and Wellness Centre and the expansion of the existing Olpalagilagi school. This will ensure that, initially, the community’s basic needs are met, and to then address more complex developmental goals.

AMPC was asked to do a Feasibility Study that can be used by BuildX Studio in the first stage of the Design and Build process. The objective of the services was to offer insights into the required scope and capacity of a new Medical Clinic to cater to the needs of 11.300 people in the Maasai Mara. AMPC has performed a market research, developed a functional planning, and reviewed the Masterplan developed by BuildX Studio to provide feedback from a Health Facility Planning perspective.

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