- Specialized Cancer Hospital Nairobi

The Trade and Development Bank (TDB) received a financing request from a company aiming to establish a specialized cancer hospital in Kenya, complete with an on-site cyclotron. A cyclotron, a particle accelerator in nuclear medicine, produces short-lived radioisotopes crucial for diagnostic imaging and cancer treatment. TDB enlisted AMPC as their Lenders Technical Advisor (LTA) to evaluate, review and advise, assessing the project’s risks related to technical viability, financial feasibility, and environmental and social impact. Our services included formulating a due diligence framework and reviewing all project documentation, encompassing the hospital's catchment area, existing supply, functional and architectural aspects, engineering details, equipment, and procurement documentation. AMPC's in-depth due diligence exercise, considering factors such as cyclotron-associated radioactivity, culminated in the delivery of expert advice through a comprehensive Due Diligence Report and presentation.

TBD Bank
Scope of Services Due diligenceFinancial modelling