- Operational Management St Michael’s Specialist Hospital

AMPC's involvement with the private hospital St. Michael's Specialist Hospital (SMSH) dates back to 2018 with the development of a business plan and assistance in securing funding for the hospital's completion. Having successfully fulfilled its role as the turnkey contractor responsible for the design, construction, and equipping of the hospital, AMPC then transitioned to serve as the operator. This encompassed providing pre-operational support for the grand opening and continued on-site senior operational management support post-launch. AMPC was fully responsible for all pre-opening activities, including the development of strategic and operational plans, competitor benchmarking, licensing, the creation of hospital policies and procedures, staff recruitment, and the implementation of hospital management software. Moreover, our team led marketing and communications efforts, and established essential contracts ranging from health insurance agreements to outsourced departments. The hospital successfully became operational in 2023 and now boasts a capacity of 100 beds, including ICU and NICU, a cath lab and three operating theatres.

St Michael’s Specialist Hospital
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