- Masterplans Bujumbura

The Burundian Ministry of Health (MSPLS) aims to improve health services at all levels of the health pyramid by reinforcing its referral care capacity. The district hospital is the first level of referral for patients from the health centres. It includes medical and paramedical services that offer a certain degree of accuracy in determining the biomedical diagnosis. Under the « Programme d’Appui Institutionnel au Secteur de la Santé au Burundi » (PAISS), ENABEL is supporting the MSPLS in transforming three health centres into district hospitals in the province of Bujumbura Mairie and contracted AMPC to develop Master Plans for the new district hospitals. For this assignment, AMPC assessed the existing facilities against current and projected demand to determine the scope of required extensions based on the needs. This was then translated into Master Plans guaranteeing the most efficient and coherent transformation while supporting the MSPLS’ long-term vision. The Master Plans will be used to guide the architectural design process at a later stage.

Ministry of Health Burundi & ENABEL
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