Burkina Faso

- Upgrading two health centres

The Ministry of Health of Burkina Faso aims to improve the access to healthcare for mother and child by upgrading two primary health centres into district hospitals able to provide comprehensive emergency obstetric and neonatal care. During the project’s development phase, AMPC carried out a feasibility study for the project. After the feasibility study, the project was reduced to two hospitals. Based on on-site assessments of the existing primary health centres in Karangasso-Vigué and Lena, the upgrading needs for each centre were determined. Architectural designs were elaborated for extension of the existing infrastructure or the construction of a completely new facility, and an equipment planning was made for each hospital. Following the technical support provided during the project’s development phase, AMPC was contracted by the Ministry of Health in 2018 to provide project management services for the project’s implementation phase. For this assignment, AMPC is responsible for the procurement of works, equipment and related services as well for the coordination and supervision of the construction works and of the delivery and installation of the equipment for the two hospitals.

Ministry of Health & Dutch Government (ORIO)
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