In our line of business we must constantly have an open mind with respect to the situation in which we find ourselves.
About AMPC
AMPC International Health Consultants is an independent consultancy firm offering a wide range of services in the healthcare sector. We offer our services all over the world, supporting the construction, expansion, renovation and merger of hospitals and clinics. Our activities range from conducting feasibility studies, providing advice on equipping and furnishing hospitals and the implementation of healthcare projects, to staff training and project evaluation.
We can offer these services on a separate basis, or as part of a comprehensive service package. Regardless of the nature of the service that we provide, our ultimate goal is to achieve the structural improvement of both the healthcare facilities we work in, and the healthcare sector in general. Quality, responsibility and sustainable solutions are always our guiding principles.
Since our company was established in 1988, by Rens Damen, we have completed projects in countries in the Middle-East, Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe. Our strength lies in our thorough approach. We look beyond our client’s request, aiming for an in-depth understanding of the circumstances surrounding the project and developing the optimum approach based on that assessment. This means that we not only consider the budgetary and technical possibilities but also take into account the knowledge and skills of local doctors, the interests of (local) governments, the technical expertise available in the country involved and social and cultural aspects.
Another benefit that AMPC offers is its independence from companies such as medical equipment manufacturers and suppliers. Our approach is therefore not influenced by commercial interests, but results in a clear outline of the objective requirements for improving the healthcare situation in a country, region or institution. This is made possible by our extensive know-how and experience, unbiased attitude and vast network.
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